the art of tegan bellitta

Tegan Bellitta

Painter & Illustrator

An artist with an extreme eye for detail, Tegan translates her visual observations of color, light, shadow and transparency into tighly rendered images on canvas and paper. Her work breaks the boundaries of color perception, forcing the viewer to see the possibilities of color comprehension and interpretation.

She has taken courses at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and holds a BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design. She has held Adjunct Professor positions at both Moore and at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. In addition to teaching, Tegan has worked as a staff graphic artist for Whole Foods Market, where she has had the pleasure of training and mentoring many young artists throughout her tenure there.

Possessing the ability to create in many mediums, Tegan prefers oil and watercolor, and outshines in portraiture. Her busy schedule is split between her personal art, commissions and raising her two young children.

Tegan is available for commissions in any medium. She welcomes portraits, child portraits, and pet portraits. She also enjoys projects that include pop art, movie characters, musicians and celebrities.


Open for any type of illustration project, including editorial, advertising, or book illustrations.

Chalkboard Signs

With many years experience in the field of chalkboard lettering and illustration, Tegan is skilled at designing and producing elegant signs and menus, with or without illustrations, created on a chalkboard surface.

  • Click Here to see her Chalkboard Portfolio